Our Story

I have always had a love of history and antique things around the house, before Paul and I met, I had a modest collection of antique and retro china which I used on a daily basis.  I loved seeing it all on display & it transforms your dining table when it is all laid out!  


Paul and I met in 2012, before we were married I only dreamed of owning my own business.  Little did I know at the time that 2013 would be the year it all started with the 'proposal'.  As our wedding plans took shape, so did the seeds for our new business venture which we kick started, evolved it and, in 2016 an amazing chain of chance meetings led to the birth of Pink Flamingo Vintage Tea Room!  So, here we are now, with our not so modest collection of china, our tea room in Lochmaben and a fully fledged pop up tea room!

The tea room is a family business, (you will definitely see pictures of us here and there!), along the way here and there or even weekly we all work and help out in the tea room from when it was just a seedling to now serving customers.  We hope that you have enjoyed watching our little family grow along side the tea room and continue with us.  The support from all of our customers, friends and family has completely overwhelmed us and we have had the most fantastic time with every one that we have worked with over the last couple of years. 


We are so thank full to each & every one that has helped and supported us from DIY to sharing posts or buying cake.  The tea room has evolved quicker than we could have ever anticipated whilst also juggling our family and taking time out for those important firsts, like the first day of school!


Thank you for being there for us and, with us! 

We hope that you enjoy browsing our website and really look forward to hearing from you soon with your questions and photos!

                                        Samin, Paul, Joshua, Grace & Rooh



Make sure you come on over to the tea room and say Hi!

Pink Flamingo         Vintage Tea Room

6A Bruce Street, Lochmaben, Dumfries, DG11 1PD, Scotland

  • Pink Flamingo Vintage Tea Room
  • Pink Flamingo Vintage Tea Room
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